Monday, May 29, 2006

2-My first ever blog update: Photo Albums

I did think that I would be so excited by making a blog that I would never actually return. But here I am. And, I do actually have some photos uploaded too. Well, I have created the online album things to store them in anyway. I'll eventually upload the photos. There are 2 albums:

1. KK finest: A collection of tantalizingly delectable photographic treats to satisfy even the most refined of artistic palates. Viewable by all.

2. Main gallery: Unsurprising, most of my photos don't fall into the above category, so have been collectively dumped here. In order to make sure I can keep the filthy mitts of societies ingrates off these, however, they are by approved MSN login ID only (so you have to be on my MSN contact list). As they say, if you ain't on the list, have no interest in seeing my holiday photos anyway. So there.


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