Monday, May 29, 2006

3-Are you a sex-smart woman?

I, apparently, am not. Funny that. It appears that I am a 'total medium'. Worryingly, I got only 6/10 on the 'knowledge'. There's high quality medical education for you. Besides - everyone knows that herpes, like a puppy, is for Christmas and not for life.

Given that Radio 1 are promoting STIs by handing out their 'sex packs' (your guess is as good as mine), I thought that I would break my 'no-doing-crappy-online-tests' rule and would give this one that I was forwarded a go.

Try it for yourself: test: are you a sex-smart woman?

PS. Having just looked, there is actually a 'are you a sex-smart man' one too. Hopefully it doesn't go on about 'dental dams' quite as much. They sound scary. My grandad used to build dams. Perhaps he knows what they are.


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